In which Molly the (future) librarian takes up running, finds out what NZ customs bans, and deals with the reversal of seasons.

Yes, yes. Again with the tardy postings! Naughty Molly! It’s busy down here, what with deadlines looming, and homework piling up and the like. (Those are excuses, I’m well organized in terms of assignments….mostly). I’ve been plugging along in my school work. My projects are all mostly done, about 2 weeks early, so I can […]

In which Molly the (future) librarian librarian celebrates her one month anniversary, deals with Anti-Americanism and experiences her first St. Patrick’s day abroad.

Now, I realize I suck and haven’t updated, but I just haven’t known what to write. And then, it hit me! The Inspiration Hit Man has visited me, at last. More elaboration to come. Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary. I can’t believe it. But, it’s going well. Classes are in full swing. I go […]

In which Molly the (future) librarian gets a taste of why it’s called Windy Welly, makes croissants, prepares for her first week of classes, cooks dinner for her ‘flat-family’ and jumps back into the student pool.

Sitting in my drafty flat, watching the tree branches bend, and listening to the wind rattle the doors and windows in their frames, I dread the coming winter. It is officially “fall” in New Zealand, as of March 1st. Strange. I don’t see leaves changing color. Nor has the weather really changed…probably because it’s been […]