In which Molly the (future) librarian takes up running, finds out what NZ customs bans, and deals with the reversal of seasons.

Yes, yes. Again with the tardy postings! Naughty Molly! It’s busy down here, what with deadlines looming, and homework piling up and the like. (Those are excuses, I’m well organized in terms of assignments….mostly). I’ve been plugging along in my school work. My projects are all mostly done, about 2 weeks early, so I can go over them and place more relevant data into them as I learn more.  Blah, blah, blah. Long story short (too late) classes are going well. I have a break coming up next week and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I feel I definitely need it. It’s been an interesting couple months. It is really early to have a break, I feel. But, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. I get to spend Easter in New Plymouth with my awesome flatmates and flat-friends. I get to see a different part of NZ and some more scenery, hike some mountains and go swimming…assuming the weather is nice. More on that point in a moment.

Now we will talk about recreation. In addition to the yoga and shadow boxing classes I’ve been participating in each week, I’ve decided to take up the cool past time of running. Seriously. Every day I walk to university, no matter which campus I go to, I am surrounded by runners, joggers, and woggers (walking joggers, you know who I mean, that weird little wiggle thing). I have never felt more pressured to take up an exercise pastime. I feel so left out! Everyone’s doing it! I figured I should to. Though, I am rebelling. No running on the road and sidewalks for me. That’s so boring. So predictable. I can’t run on pavement; it bores me to no end, and if I was restricted to that (or a treadmill), my running endeavor would not get very far.

And, honestly, why would I run on pavement when I can run in the woods? I get to wander through the weird pedestrian pathways that are through the wilderness that is continuously encroaching on the city (purposefully). It’s been great. I don’t run very far, probably only a mile or so, but I put on the ipod tunes and go to town.  I’ve found I have to put on serious mood music and run like something’s chasing me, otherwise I don’t get very far. And it has the added cardio bonus, and that whole work out the legs thing. Throw me in the woods with thumping bass in my ears and I am good to go! Up hills, down hills, jumping over tree limbs, sliding in the dirt, balancing on narrow pathways, it’s like a little adventure story with each run. “Molly the (future) librarian ran. She ran like the demons of hell we chasing her. In fact, that statement is only partially right; zombies are not technically demons after all.”

Don’t worry, I have not come across any zombies as of yet. Maybe being on a small island has its perks? If I encounter the undead (either zombies or vampires) I will inform you all.

So, with that said, I am keeping fit and burning off stress. Which is helpful in the recent finding of myself in university again. I sometimes forget how frustrated I got with bologna assignments and obnoxious readings when I was an undergrad. But, anyway, with Easter coming up, and the break, I figured I’d send my goddaughter an Easter card. I included some coins in it, thinking she’d like them because they are fun and so different from American money. But, when I went to send the card, the post shop said it wouldn’t go through because I it contained contraband. I was like….Wha?!

They said, they’d sell me the stamps, I could put them on myself and chance it, but that the letter would most likely be flagged and never sent. I took the coins out, but was a bit annoyed. I can kind of understand not wanting to send currency through the mail….but in all honesty, if people are sneaking money out of the country, I don’t think they would be sending it in $1.50 increments. Maybe that’s just me.

Enough of that silliness! Let’s talk about Easter! I love Easter. It’s so much fun. Spring is wonderful, it puts a little, well spring, in your step and makes you feel all frisky and full of life. The air smells all fresh and green. The grass is growing, the flowers are popping up with snowdrops and daffodils and the like, and you get to decorate Easter eggs and go on scavanger hunts and eat (stale) peeps and break out the Easter dresses…unless you are on the other side of the world and are going through Fall. Oh, no, not fall. Autumn (I’ve been corrected many a time on that one. Hahah). It’s a weird situation, going from the dead of winter, to fall, back to winter. I will be living through, technically, 8 months of fall/winter weather, since spring doesn’t start here until this upcoming September. BLAH. Winter is coming! (Though, I do feel pretty awesome for getting to use that phrase.) To tell the truth, I’m ready for spring. My mind is hardwired for weather warming up, not cooling down. I keep expecting to wake up and smell that green smell of things growing. But, instead I get that crispness of things cooling down and drying out.

Hopefully the fall and winter will be mild. But, judging by some of the weather we’ve had so far, I’m not going to hold my breath. At least it doesn’t snow here…OH WAIT, it snowed here last year, something it hasn’t done in years. It would be my luck that snow would hit. I’m wondering if the weather has reversed itself. I have been hearing that the weather on the other side of the world has been pretty flipping awesome for the last few weeks. Not so on my end. We have some real stretches of cold, rainy and damp weather. And when it’s not raining, it’s cloudy and humid. But then, glory be, the sun comes out and I forget how horrid the last 2 weeks have been as I sit outside in my bikini and read my information management books.  At least it means I get to wear awesome cardis and pastel jeans.

This is Molly the (future) librarian, signing off.


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