In which Molly the (future) librarian submits her first assignments, celebrates Easter and the twins’ 21st birthday with her flatmates, climbs a volcano, goes shooting, eats her first Cadbury crème egg and hot cross bun, makes friends with two slobbery dogs, a hedgehog and a weta, and has reached past the half-way mark.

Yeah yeah yeah…no excuses. It’s busy down here. I don’t know where the time goes, but it sure seems to fly.

So far, I’ve submitted 3 of my 4 assignments that are due. I know I tried my hardest on them, and I hope that’s reflected in my grades. I’m a little nervous about the grading system here, but, trial by fire is usually the way I do things. I have one more left, but I think it will be something fun to do, so that’s cool. I’ll be creating a Pathfinder on Gothic Literature. It’s awesome. A Pathfinder, for all my non-librarian friends/family is a guide to finding resources on a specific topic. It’s like a personal Yoda for finding everything useful about [insert topic of your choice here].  Pretty awesome. I think I can make it quite fun. Time will tell. (Time told…it’s ridiculous cool.)

So, I’ve been a my first trimester break. It’s great! I drove up to New Plymouth with Amy, Nikki and Jess…and by “I drove” I mean I sat in the back. No driving on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road for me. And good thing, too, apparently around holiday time there are many road causalities. But this year there was an unprecedented 0 death toll, which is awesome. Anyway, we took the 5 hour drive at a leisurely pace, stopping here and there to stretch our legs, climb a water tower, etc. When we got to NP, it was green, you could see Mt. Taranaki from EVERYWHERE, it wasn’t the city, it was open, and GREEN. There’re beaches with black sand, grass covered hills, sheep and cows, woods, a mountain (which is actually an active volcano…But, no worries, it still has 50 years before it erupts again), melting snow from the volcano fed streams, and every other manner of awesome scenery you can imagine. It is beautiful there. The weather was glorious for us the entire week. I stayed at Amy and Claire’s house, with their wonderful Mom, Anne, and their step father Neil.

It was so much fun.

We went to the beach, the lake, the stream. We went hiking in the woods and around the volcano. We went to nature parks, saw waterfalls, shot guns. We set up for Amy and Claire’s 21st birthday party, had a rockin’ time, and cleaned up the next day. We made dinner one night, and did dishes every day. We watched movies and had car sing-a-longs (or maybe that was just me singing…). All in all, it was a great way to spend my Easter, since I wasn’t at home with my family. I just hijacked a Kiwi family. Easter was very low key. We had an egg hunt with the little cousins, which was fun (and surprisingly difficult). We ate spaghetti Bolognese for dinner…Easter Sunday isn’t that big. It’s more of an excuse to spend time with family, rather than the religious experience like at home. Low key was a nice way to end the birthday weekend. We were all pretty knackered from the party the night before anyway.

I love hot cross buns. It’s a roll with cinnamon, raisins, nutmeg, orange peel and all other manner of yummy stuff that’s warmed and you slather with butter before eating. What’s not to like? And apparently, if you share a roll with someone else, you’re guaranteed friendship with that person for a year. I shared buns with everyone! Hooray!

As for the Cadbury crème egg…I think it’s a bit too much sugar for me. The chocolate is tasty, but the center sugar bomb was too extreme for my taste buds. Though, that didn’t stop me from eating about 4 over the weekend. Along with nutella eggs and marshmallow eggs covered in chocolate.

Amy and Claire’s dogs, Ella and Murphy, are big, slobbery mush pies.  I got my snuggle fix in, since they were so happy to have people there paying attention to them (and Nikki and I pet and loved them loads).

And yes, now you read up there about my taking a day off…I have another week of vacation left! Lucky me! I plan to take one day and just. DO. NOTHING. Just read and watch movies and eat and do anything else I can think of that isn’t work.  I am looking forward to it. I don’t know which day it will be…but it will be either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. (Since Thurs-Sun I will be doing homework for the following week…booo real life!)


And…while I wrote the above post during the first break…I am now 9 weeks into my first trimester. I only have 4 more weeks…All my first projects are in. Most of my grades have come back and I am relatively pleased. I have dealt with everything under the sun and organized my next two trimesters! Things are moving along nicely. I even have few ideas for my final research project/thesis.

We’ve celebrated ANZAC day with me making ANZAC biscuits (ha, it takes the American to make the traditional NZ cookies); we’ve celebrated Cinco de Mayo with me making authentic mole and sangria (again…not Mexican or Spanish; but I did friend a hedgehog: I’ve named him Maximus); we’ve celebrated Mother’s day and my mom’s birthday with dinosaur cupcakes; I’ve made American pumpkin pie, pumpkin cinnamon buns, pumpkin soup; I’ve introduced the girls to American buttermilk biscuits,  lemon tart, and peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches. Everything has been marked with baking and food. I’ve made lasagna, sushi, and baked stuffed chicken. I’ve made Italian bread and French bread.   I am an oatmeal connoisseur and have made everything from pumpkin pie oatmeal to zucchini bread oatmeal to chocolate, coconut, peanut butter oatmeal.

At least if being a librarian doesn’t work out, I know I can make a living baking and cooking. That was facetious…don’t worry.

That’s all for now. This is Molly the (future) librarian, signing off.


One thought on “In which Molly the (future) librarian submits her first assignments, celebrates Easter and the twins’ 21st birthday with her flatmates, climbs a volcano, goes shooting, eats her first Cadbury crème egg and hot cross bun, makes friends with two slobbery dogs, a hedgehog and a weta, and has reached past the half-way mark.

  1. Jeez louise, Mols. You could make a blog alone about your culinary experiments (and all the ways to describe how much I wish to sample them.) It’s such a delight to read your posts, so I was so psyched when I saw you updated this! You’re mad busy, but know that you’ve got a few loyal readers here who love to get an insider’s view of New Zealand. Looking forward to your next entry!


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