In which Molly the (future) librarian gets a little existential.

Yeah…we’re 4 weeks into the new semester. My bad. Life, man. LIFE. Also, we? I apparently have multiple personalities at this point. I wouldn’t put it past myself. Things are crazy. Life is crazy. Classes are crazy. Work is crazy.

Time is passing.

Things are happening.

Projects are DUE. Already…We’re 4 weeks in, and I haven’t even had all my classes for this week yet. And I’ve already submitted 3 projects for 2 classes. The 4th report is due this coming Sunday, I’ve already done the interview it’s based on. But it’s the write up that is left. And, does anyone else think it absolutely RIDICULOUS that a 1000 word report should have 5-8 OUTSIDE SOURCES?!!?! That’s absolutely ridiculous. And, who the heck counts citations (author last name, date, page number) in word counts?! Apparently my professor.

What. The. Heck? I’ll take “Things that are absolutely LAME” for seven hundred, Alex.

Seriously though. An interview, with outside sources, in only 1000 words, including applying it to theory and getting my opinion on the matter? Do not want.

What student has time for that? Not me…

Who expects a student to have time for that? Apparently my professor. 

Who has time? There is no time. What is time? It’s all relative, anyway. Apparently this post is going to be a bit stream-of-consciousness and existential. 

So what have I been doing? Apart from drinking TONS of coffee (as evidenced by this post) I have been doing homework and dealing with my laptop that decided to catch fire at 4:30 in the morning my first week back of classes–thereby destroying everything I had on it (personally, I think it was a Decepticon and that it considered me and my information a threat), hanging out with my new flatmates and the old flatmates (They are awesome–btw, and you wish you lived with them), and working out, and going to my Practicum in Lower Hutt/Taita, and NOT updating my blogs, and creating a new blog for a class (Miss Molly the Proletarian Librarian–how awesome of a title is that?! Also for those of you counting at home, that brings the total number of blogs to 3), and cooking/baking up a storm. I also entered myself into a NZ baking contest. I will let you know if I get chosen. If I do, then I bake my entry and it gets judged by a famous NZ critic. Awesomesauce. 

What else? The weather has been a bit bipolar lately. 50 and raining one day and then sunny, beautiful and 70 the next. Today, I woke up to crazy rain, cold, and a double rainbow. Now, it’s still raining, but the sun shines through the clouds on occasion. Pick a season, Wellington, preferably Spring. Thanks. Though, on the topic of spring, look what’s blooming in my front yard. Yes, those are Cherry Blossoms. And yes, they
are early.


But whatever, they’re gorgeous. 

Know what else is gorgeous? What I woke up to this morning: 


I guess that makes it all worthwhile, eh? The little pops of beauty that make you realize life isn’t that hard and no matter how difficult and awful seeming things are, you’ll get through it. And though you might be kicking and screaming (or in my case–bitching and moaning) and fighting to go uphill, in the rain, both ways, it will get done. 

And while it sucks at the time, it’s never THAT bad. As Shane likes to remind me (because I do need to be reminded) there’s always someone worse off. It could be worse and as my mom always says, usually to my great annoyance, “Find the humor.” It may not be funny now, but looking back (with the wisdom and separation of  several years) it will be. 


This is Molly the (future) librarian, signing off.


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