In which Molly the (future) librarian connects with her inner Babel fish.

So, fun fact about language acquisition today, kids. I’ll start off with background, this is just a bit of silliness. And you might say, “Yes Molly, about time, because your blogs are usually SO full of facts and seriousness.” Whatever. You like it. 😛

Moving right along, I will start with background. In case you don’t know, my dear readers, a Babel Fish is that little creature from Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that hangs out in your ear, munching on your brainwaves. In exchange, it enables you to understand any language spoken to you. 

Well, apparently mine has been upgraded, or at the very least has decided to get its fishy-leech-like-butt into gear, and worked overtime today. I stumbled upon an Eddie Izzard video while I should have been doing homework today. And, while it started out in English, it switched to French.

At first I just stared at the screen, internally freaking out as most native English speakers do when confronted with anything other than their mother-tongue. But, I kept listening, thinking, surely I can pick up something. I did take 8 years of Spanish, after all, and the languages are somewhat related.

Well, as an exercise in, what? self-discipline?-I stuck with it. And I got the jokes. Sure, they were simple and based on repetition and gestures, but you have to start small. 

Long story short, it has renewed my zest for learning language. A zest that was ignited earlier this trimester since Carolin moved in. I’ve been trying to pick up some German, to speak with her. But, it’s slow going/not really happening. I can only say “I love you.” “I miss you.” “How was your day?” “I can’t wait for you to come visit.” Yes, that will definitely get me around the country. HA. It’s just amazing. She speaks German, French and English. Dammit American education system and not stressing second or third language acquisition! 

It just makes me wish I took learning another language more seriously when I was in the position to do so. But, that just means when I have some free time, I know what I will be doing. Learning languages. So far, I’m thinking Italian, German, French, Russian, and getting back into Spanish. Should be no problem, right? Yeah, we shall see. 

Maybe I should just watch standup comedy in other languages? Humor is universal, sometimes. Or is that math? I can never remember. 


This is Molly the (future) librarian, signing off. 


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