In which Molly the (future) librarian prepares to be judged.

Judged for what, you ask? Well, something exciting (and not at ALL related to being a [future] librarian!). I entered this last week. 

And my recipe got accepted. I went with a Hazelnut and dark chocolate ganache tart with sea salt. I bake it and bring it for judgement on Sunday. EPIC. 

I always wanted to be a chef. Let’s see if NZ likes what I bring to the table.I am freakin’ excited. I wish I could say I’m just happy to compete. But let’s be real…I don’t half-ass it. I entered to win. 🙂 

I will update you as events progress. Check out my food blog to see the progression of the baking part and to see how the tart turns out. Hopefully all pretty and delicious. I know it will be delicious….but it’s usually not terribly pretty. Though…my practice run tart today looks LOVERLY. Yes, loverly. Don’t judge me. Let the experts do that.

Keep an eye out here for my account of the progression of the day! I plan dolling up for the occasion. Polka dot apron and everything. Heels. Maybe a dress? Fancy. 


This is Molly the (future) librarian, signing off.

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