In which Miss Molly tackles the2013 Nutmegs.

Hello all!

In my last post, I was gearing up for Free Comic Book Day. It went SO incredibly well. We had a fantastic turn out, my friends and I got to dress up and we looked AWESOME.

Seriously, they are rock stars. Superhero rock stars. We made a lot of kids (and a few adults) super happy. And that’s all I care about. And we looked damned good doing it.

So, task one, complete!

Then came the CLA conference, which was exciting, since it was the first profession conference I’ve attended now that I’m an official librarian. There were a lot of awesome ideas floating around, I made some great connections to talk about programming, and it was just fun to see what other libraries are doing and are excited about. I am definitely noticing a MUCH more eco-friendly, green, environmentally-conscious focus floating around. I think this is great, and I hope it continues. There was a lot of talk of nature programs, library gardens, biking programs, upcycling (something I’m going to be doing with the kids), and things of that nature.

I love this interest (it’s one of my own) and I’m happy to see these same passions coming out in the kids at the library. There has been a growing interest in gardening. Apparently some of the elementary schools are doing projects where the kids are growing bean plants. I’ve been getting a lot of questions and the kids are excited! It makes me happy!

Other than that, I was asked to go give a book talk at one of the elementary schools about the 2013 Nutmegs. I was excited and then nervous. I’ve never book-talked before. So, what is the first thing you need to do in order to give a book talk? Well…read the books of course! You can’t talk about something you haven’t read.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Reading ALL the books on the list.

Because of Mr. Terupt
Tale Dark & Grimm
My Life as a Book
Baseball Great
Potato Chip Puzzles
Born to Fly
Wonder of Charlie Anne
Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

And putting together the talk.

I tried to go into this with the mindset I had as a kid. I was always wary of books that won awards. Usually they were dry, blah, and didn’t hold my interest. So, when I started reading, I was often pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them. Of course, there are exceptions, (I’m look at YOU Wonder of Charlie Ann). But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed every book. I can see why the kids would like them. Though, I can also see why middle schoolers are SO ANGSTY. Some of the topics are definitely tense and difficult to deal with. But, they are all about growing up, dealing with guilt, finding oneself, standing up for what’s right. You know, standard Award-fare.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, that and doing silly storytimes about moose. My next post will be my thoughts on these books/how I’m prepping for the talk!

Exciting times. 🙂


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