Summer Stories: In which Miss Molly witnesses a random act of kindness

Computer stations in the library can bring out the worst in people; it has to be said. Usually, the worst is reserved for the Adult side, as kids still remember how to share, but squabbles have been known to occur. Tears have been shed. The usual. Our department has 4 computers specifically for kids. They […]

Summer Stories: In which Miss Molly watches middle school heartbreak unfold

I have another summer story to share with you all. I love summer time because it brings so many people into the library and I love people watching. It is definitely part of the librarian job–observing behavior. It’s ridiculous, at times, but keeps things entertaining. It also, occasionally, makes me glad I’m not That Guy. […]

In which Miss Molly tells another Summer Reading story

MY program for older kids was my upcycling art. Upcycling is all about taking something that would otherwise be trash, and re-purposing it into something beautiful, functional, and unexpected. I love programs that take something simple or plain, and make something completely new. I threw myself into this program. I have a passion for reducing, […]