In which Miss Molly is surrounded by Decepticons

It’s really not as ominous as it sounds. I ran a reverse engineering program two Saturdays ago. I was beyond excited for this program and had really high hopes. I had partnered with our local transfer station to get a whole bunch of electronics that I could let the kids take apart. I loved taking […]

In which Miss Molly gets into heavy metal.

I love making stuff. I especially love making stuff out of junk–or upcycling. I find the amount of things people can make from trash fascinating. I tried one upcycling program out over the summer. I had a whole bunch of toilet paper and paper towel tubes that I had collected and I had all these […]

In which Miss Molly runs away to Sherwood Forest.

As I write this post, I realize what good practice it is to summarize what I’ve been reading in a concise way. While I am good at talking about the book–what I liked, what I didn’t like, characters, motivation, symbolism–I find it a challenge to actually describe what the book is about. I can tell […]