In which Miss Molly uses a Mess to create music.

Mangled Messes programs really seem to sneak up on me. I’ll finish one, think i have a good 3 weeks to plan the next one, and then BAM, it’s MM time again! Where did the time go?! What have I been doing? (Story times, summer planning, collection management…) The last few sessions of MM that […]

In which Miss Molly heads to war

I’ve been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks. And now it’s time to tell you what I think! Soldier’s Secret: The Incredible True Story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, a Civil War Hero Marissa Moss Summary: This story was about Sarah Emma Edmonds, aka Frank Thompson, a traveling book salesman, Union soldier, war […]

In which Miss Molly unseats her opponent.

What makes science fun? Well, apart from there being so many different applications for it in our everyday lives, finding something that is seemingly not science related and relating it to science is an absolute joy. Take, for example, Jousting—the Medieval sport of two armored men, mounted on horses, who ride at full gallop toward […]