In which Miss Molly realizes she really is having a love affair with the desert

There might be a theme in the books I’ve chosen as of late. Lots of strong women, lots of desert settings. What can I say? It’s a dream of mine to go to the desert, and what better way to live a dream than through books? (At least until I can make my dream a […]

In which Miss Molly builds a catapult.

It’s Mangled Messes time again! This month, we took a look at siege engines! I mean, who doesn’t love mini catapults? Sure, technically what we built are probably considered mini mangonels…but it’s still fun. There is something fascinating about watching a catapult launch it’s projectile, especially when weights and balances are concerned. It really is […]

In which Miss Molly is thinks she’s getting something else.

I guess it really is my own fault, going into a book with high expectations. I was bound to be disappointed. #spoileralert Curse of the Thirteenth Fey: The true tale of Sleeping Beauty Jane Yolen Summary: Gorse is the youngest member of her Shouting Fey family. She is also the thirteenth child, a magical number […]