In which Miss Molly is thinks she’s getting something else.

I guess it really is my own fault, going into a book with high expectations. I was bound to be disappointed. #spoileralert

Curse of the Thirteenth Fey: The true tale of Sleeping Beauty
Jane Yolen

13th fey

Summary: Gorse is the youngest member of her Shouting Fey family. She is also the thirteenth child, a magical number by any standard. The Family is tied to the landy they live on by a promise made to a king; now whenever the family is summoned to do a Bidding, they must attend, on pain of bursting into a thousand stars. However, Gorse  is prone to illness and falls ill just as the Family is Bidden to attend the Christening of the new Princess. As Gorse rushes to the castle, in her sickened state, she falls into an ancient trap and sets in motion the story behind Sleeping Beauty’s curse.

What I liked: I thought the premise behind this story was awesome. Finding out why SB was cursed? Definitely. Getting to know more about the Fey behind the curse, and Fey lore? Awesome! I love fairy tales and reading stories that give a differing perspective on a well-worn tale is always interesting. I went into this story with high hopes, and an appreciation for Jane Yolen’s other work. How could this be bad?

What I didn’t like: This story. It was too long; it felt too drawn out, and was more like a background piece than a coherent story. It seemed like a piece that the author writes for his or herself in order to know more about the character she is about to put into the real story. This background material is usually something that isn’t shared. It was too drawn out, and I felt myself waiting for the story. There was so much Fey background that I found myself not caring. I almost put the book down without finishing it. I came into the story wanting to know, as the caption said, “The true tale of Sleeping Beauty,” but I didn’t get it.

All in all, I was disappointed.


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