In which Miss Molly grapples with robots.

After my post two weeks ago about using handheld devices with kids, what did I do? I created a storytime around using the iPad. Yeah, take that tradition! Doing digitally enhanced storytimes are not exactly groundbreaking at this point. We have a few in my library (not being run by me) and they are being […]

In which Miss Molly and her Mangled Messers become marbling experts.

This past Wednesday was Mangled Messes day! I love MM days. I have such a great bunch of kids who routinely sign up. They are enthusiastic and sweet–the perfect combination! This week we talked about and made marbled paper! I love marbled paper. It’s so beautiful. When I worked at the Lewis Walpole Library in […]

In which Miss Molly gives her two cents, or 10 reasons why it’s not solely the tech’s fault.

I’m coming to you with a rather important update, one that is at the center of the library world at the moment: the prominence, importance, and use of digital devices in children’s lives. There has been an article floating around the internet, which has come from the Huffington Post website, titled “10 Reasons Why Handheld […]