In which Miss Molly grapples with robots.

After my post two weeks ago about using handheld devices with kids, what did I do? I created a storytime around using the iPad. Yeah, take that tradition! Doing digitally enhanced storytimes are not exactly groundbreaking at this point. We have a few in my library (not being run by me) and they are being successfully run all over the country. There are some really wonderful storybook apps out there that are actually enhanced with interactive media.


Case in point, Pete’s Robot, by Heartdrive Media LLC. This was the app I chose to read to my kids this past weekend. It was wonderful! For a full breakdown of my planning and the execution of the storytime, check out my guest post on Little eLit!!

I figured that here I would detail the traditional aspects of the storytime, so I didn’t repeat the same post as the one I wrote for Little eLit.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love storytime. I think it’s because I get to play, sing, and dance with the younger kids that come to the library. They have such a wonderful energy, and look at things in such a joyous way, it makes for my favorite part of my Saturday. I think I also find it so fun because my other programs focus so much more on the older kids. It’s fun to take a step back and just have fun! It’s still cerebral, but in a less in-your-face way.

We started with our Hello song.

Hello Song
(Tune: She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain)
Oh it’s time to say hello to all our friends.
Oh it’s time to say hello to all our friends.
Oh it’s time to say hello,
Greet everyone you know,
Oh it’s time to say hello to all our friends!

Then we got our wiggles out by doing a movement poem.

Robot, Robot, Turn Around
Robot, robot,
Turn around.
Robot, robot,
Touch the ground.
Robot, robot,
turn left and right.
Robot, robot,
flash your lights.
Robot, robot,
bloop and bleep.
Robot, robot,
Go to sleep.

Next is one of my favorite songs of storytime, it’s the Have a Seat song. It’s so much fun, and simply silly. The kids love singing it, and sometimes they ask to sing it twice! I can’t tell you the tune, it’s one of those intuitive tunes you just pick up once you start singing it. Give it a try, I promise you’ll be hooked.

Everybody Have a Seat
Everybody, everybody come on over.
Everybody come and have a seat on the floor.
Everybody, everybody come on over.
Everybody come and have a seat on the floor.
Not on the ceiling, not on the door.
Everybody come and have a seat on the floor.
Not on the ceiling, not on the door.
Everybody come and have a seat on the floor.

Our first book was The Trouble with Sisters and Robots by Steve Gritton. This book is silly, funny, and a good way to talk about listening to the ideas and opinions of friends and family, especially when they have a solution to your problem!

Next it was Flannel board time. I love the flannel board, I think it’s so much fun and opens up the floor to participation with the kids. I find storytime more fun when the kids want to help, talk, and do the activities, so I try to make sure I have lots of hands-on activities. 100_2225

For this one, I cut out 5 flannel robots and we recited a little chant.

5 Noisy Robots
Five noisy robots in the toy shop,
Shiny and tall with antennae on top.
Along came a girl with a penny one day.
She bought a noisy robot and took it away.
Four noisy robots…
[Repeat until all the robots are taken away]

After our flannel board, I read the book app Pete’s Robot by HeartDrive Media LLC. I love this app, it is awesome, has lots of heart, and is a great story–digital or no. Here’s a screen shot of the robot, Z-123. The artwork was another great aspect of the ebook. So fun. I love the emotions conveyed, even by objects that shouldn’t have expressions, like Z.


After reading about Pete and Z-123, we had some fun with a magnet version of a flannel board I created. I had the kids design their own robot. They all worked together and created, this guy:

100_2227One of the final songs we did is one that I reworked. I wrote a song about robots to the tune of We’re Going to Kentucky. We used shakers for this one, and the kids really got into it. It was just the energy break we needed.

We Are Little Robots
We are little robots, we’re going to the fair
To see the big machine with gears from here to there!
Oh shake it robot, shake it! Shake it if you dare!
Shake it like a gear box, oh shake it here and there!
Shake it to the bottom!
Shake it to the top!
Then turn around and turn around until it’s time to stop!

We’re tiptoeing little robots, tiptoeing to the fair…

We’re flying little robots…we’re flying to the fair…

Our final book was Sometimes I forget you’re a robot by Sam Brown. It was super cute, and a gentle way to end the storytime (after I had riled them all up with the shaker song).

For our final song, I always mirror the Hello song with a Goodbye song. Same tune. Different lyrics. The one we used is below.

Goodbye Song
Oh it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends.
Yes it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends.
Oh it’s time to say goodbye,
Give a smile and wink your eye,
Oh it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends!

Well, that’s it for today, friends! I hope you enjoyed my Storytime breakdown post. Go and check out the Little eLit for a different breakdown of this storytime.


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