In which Miss Molly loves clockwork.

I am fascinated by clockwork, the 1800s, alternative history, and actual history. When I came across Curiosity, by Gary Blackwood, I knew I was going to enjoy the story. I mean, check out that cover. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover…but we all do. Especially kids. I […]

In which Miss Molly gets thrown a curve ball.

The newest batch of Newberry Award nominees have been announced! I really enjoyed last years batch and so dove right into this years. I’ve read a few throughout the year already, which is exciting. This week’s post is about one of the books,  King of the Mound: my summer with Satchel Paige, by Wes Tooke. […]

In which Miss Molly reads about the Gyft (and wishes she had one).

Joshua Dread By Lee Bacon Summary Growing up is hard enough, but tack on Super Villain parents bent on destroying the world, zombies, a hostile houseplant, bullies, and having spontaneous combustion powers of your own, and you’ll begin to see what Joshua Dread’s life is like. With his parents, The Dread Duo, threatening the world […]