In which Miss Molly gets thrown a curve ball.

The newest batch of Newberry Award nominees have been announced! I really enjoyed last years batch and so dove right into this years. I’ve read a few throughout the year already, which is exciting. This week’s post is about one of the books,  King of the Mound: my summer with Satchel Paige, by Wes Tooke.king

I know it’s going to sounds stereotypical, but I normally don’t go for sports books. That being said, I do have to say I enjoyed this one. I think it appeals not only to boys, but to girls as well. There is a strong female character who is friends with the main character–Nick. Nick also portrays emotions and feelings, and grows as a character.


It’s 1945 and Nick has just been released from the hospital after battling Polio. He returns home with his father, a limp, and a worry that he will never be able to return to the pitching mound. Nick begins working for Mr. Churchill, the owner of a semipro baseball team where his father plays. There, he meets Satchel Paige, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball–talented enough to go into the majors, except for the color of his skin.

During his summer with the team, Nick learns that almost anything came be accomplished if you set your mind to it, work hard, and never say never.  But, will he be able to step out on the mound again and pitch? That’s the real test.

What I liked

The story was interesting, it was a quick read, and anyone interested in baseball will enjoy it. Even if you aren’t interested in baseball you’ll enjoy it. It’s about growing up, learning what you are willing to accept and what you are willing to work for. There isn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about this book. Pick it up!


2 thoughts on “In which Miss Molly gets thrown a curve ball.

    • @48colorrainbow : I honestly don’t know which park the illustration is meant to represent. It might be the home field in Bismark, or it might be one of the parks from the tournament they played in. Good question! I suppose asking the illustrator would be an option if you were really interested in finding out the answer. Or, thinking about it in terms of whichever park it evokes in your mind draws you closer to the story.

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