In which Miss Molly observes Mrs. Wurtz Class.

Please Write in this Book
by Mary Amato



When Ms. Wurtz leaves a blank journal in the writing center for her class with the instructions “Please write in this book.” She hopes it will be an outlet for creative and interactive dialogue—a place where they can write about whatever they want. As the children in her class discover the journal and begin writing their stories, they evolve into something more—words and pictures; boys versus girls.

As the weeks progress, so do the stories, changing and breaking the class into groups. When one group hijacks the journal, another group mounts a rescue mission. Will the class be able to put aside their differences and work together to create something extraordinary?

What I liked:

This was a quick read. It was silly and light. I thought it brought out the personalities that you see in 4th and 5th graders. There were the usual jokes about poop and stinky feet, and the exaggerated tales. When the class came together to collectively create something, without Mrs. Wurtz’s intervention, it was nice to see. I always like to see kid’s working together to solve their own problems.

Overall, it was a cute read.

What I didn’t like:

Considering the audience that this was intended for, I didn’t find much I didn’t like. That being said, since no book is perfect, the poop and fart jokes get tiresome after a while.

Oh, and the librarian goes, “Shhhhhh!” (Stereotype alert!)


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