In which Miss Molly swallowed a fly.

We have some BIG PLANS happening at the Southington Public Library from now until November. We’re doing a huge program based around a children’s book, a community-wide read!

That means, everyone who signs up for the program reads the same book, and we have themed programming that goes along with it.

The book? There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. We all know the tale, which follows a woman who swallows increasingly improbably things. Why is it so exciting? Because the version that we’ve chosen is written and illustrated by a town local–Ed Tuttle! Tuttle

Not only are we supporting a local artist, but we’re also bring the town together to read and communicate! We have some amazing things planned: of course I will be doing science programming (which I will blog about when it happens). I also get to do some food programming! Healthy snacking for families AND a dinner party for parents during the finale!

We have green screen movies workshops, ispy contests, book discussion, storytimes, a Pet Parade, a story walk along a small part of our Rails to Trails trail…it is going to be awesome.

Check out our calendar for more information and to see what we have going on.

Stay tuned for more!




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