In which Miss Molly talks about media mentoring

Greetings library friends! 

There has been a discussion going around the online librarian community about our role as Media Mentors. I love this title. I take being a “Media Mentor” as being a person who helps other people access, understand, and utilize the vast data that we are surrounded by. While this often time means that I am helping families select quality ipad apps and games, or talking about how to use devices, it also lends itself to talking about quality websites, videos, audiobooks.

This video has been circling the internet, about how Children’s librarians can help people navigate the (sometimes) minefield of itunes, ipad apps, and other technology.

What we are promoting, through humor and cheek, is that App-land doesn’t have to be as daunting as it appears. Librarians are often the first to test what apps are best for kids. We have some idea of quality apps and games that actually promote learning. We know which are worth the cost, and which free apps are just as good. We are a wonderful (and under-utilized) resource.

Being that librarians are often the first to break ground with the use of technology in library spaces, we are uniquely poised to take on this role. Well, more openly, we’ve been doing it forever…We’re already in almost every community.

We alone, librarians, parents, caregivers, educators, have the power to talk with the children in our care about what they are seeing, what they are interacting with, why it is important, what it means. We are the captain navigating this information sea. We are the ones making these experiences meaningful.

It’s a big responsibility; and who better to tackle it?

If you are interested about reading more about this topic, and others concerning library-land, I highly recommend checking out LittleeLit. I am a part of it, and have done some posts with them. They are talking about the technology and how to use it. They are a wonderful resource.


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