In which Miss Molly tames the plate and rumbling tummies.

Hello library lovers!

Today’s post is a re-post from my food blog. I know those of you who follow me here probably aren’t following me on Whiskey and Wanderlust, so it’s all good.

I did a program a few weekends ago on healthy snacks for parents and kids to make together. I wanted the snacks to be healthy, of course, but also simple, so that if the child needed a snack, he or she could make one with or without a grownup. But, a little bonding time with kids is never a bad thing. Positive food experiences are best when shared. Isn’t everything? And even better? Cooking with kids encourages learning. Promotes reading, following directions, math, and chemistry concepts. There is a tangible result. It breaks down gender stereotypes. Who says women can’t be great chefs? And who says men can’t be phenomenal bakers? Kids as young as 3 can start helping out in the kitchen, be it washing veggies, or mixing pancake batter, or even pressing buttons on the food processor (with parental instruction-of course).

As I’ve mentioned in my posts about iPads, various media, and books, engagement is key. Sharing is key. Conversation is key. It helps kids unpack ideas, explore, and learn.

Doing the food program, I got to talk with kids (and parents) and assure them that veggies and healthy foods don’t have to be blah and boring. They can be fun and exciting! Creative and tasty!

Check out the post, here!


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