In which Miss Molly feeds the masses.

We had our Fall Reading Finale last week, which was an all-out extravaganza! As you may recall, the Children’s Department did a One Town, One Book program focused around local Southington artist Ed Tuttle’s version of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. From September through November 20th, we had all kinds of […]

In which Miss Molly gets questions.

With all the amazing technology that kids and adults are exposed to, it really is difficult to balance everything. Where do you start? What does a balanced tech-diet look like? We know that moderation is key. We know that not all apps are created equal. We know that reading together, be it print based or […]

In which Miss Molly weaves a web.

Miss Molly and her Mangled Messers are back! This time to talk about spider webs. In continuation with the library’s one town, one book program, I took a look at flies. At least, that’s how I started. What are flies eat by? Spiders. How do spiders catch flies? By weaving or building webs. How can […]