In which Miss Molly gets questions.

With all the amazing technology that kids and adults are exposed to, it really is difficult to balance everything. Where do you start? What does a balanced tech-diet look like?
We know that moderation is key. We know that not all apps are created equal. We know that reading together, be it print based or screen based, is best. We know that tech time is not a substitute for imaginative play, or creative play, or physical social interactions. But is that enough?
The Fred Rogers Center has some wonderful articles about this very subject. We get a lot of these similar questions at the library, and this is where I started to gain some insight myself. It is always up to the parent/caregiver to decide what is the appropriate amount of screen time, but these articles at least give you a basis on which to make that decision.
I would encourage anyone with questions to check these articles out.

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