In which Miss Molly tackles zen.

Working with the public, we all have those days when the kids are especially rowdy, the catalog can’t seem to find anything, there is a line of 7 angry grandmothers impatiently tapping their feet waiting for you to be done, despite their being 10 programs happening over the next week, we don’t offer enough…those days […]

In which Miss Molly builds a hovercraft.

Greetings and salutations, internet friends, library lovers, and book enthusiasts! I am coming to you today to report on yet another successful, and oh so fun, Mangled Messes program. I don’t know how I lucked out, but I have a really fantastic bunch of kids so far this year. They are adventurous, willing to have […]

In which Miss Molly gets in the holiday spirit.

Every year, for the last five years or so, the library puts on a kid’s craft fair. Kid’s 12 and under create unique crafts and have a venue to sell them, without all the hassles of table fees, commission, and sometimes downright cutthroat competition.  The library provides a safe space to be creative. Quite often, […]