In which Miss Molly gets in the holiday spirit.

20141206_101700Every year, for the last five years or so, the library puts on a kid’s craft fair. Kid’s 12 and under create unique crafts and have a venue to sell them, without all the hassles of table fees, commission, and sometimes downright cutthroat competition. 20141206_101041

The library provides a safe space to be creative. Quite often, the kids who sign up to participate are donating the profits from any sales they make to some kind of charitable organization. And if not all the profits, then a portion. It’s simply fantastic. 20141206_100857Each year I am amazed by the creativity I see. Yes there are classic Christmas tree ornaments, but the designs on those ornaments are anything but ordinary. I have mentioned before how I sometimes worry about kids and their creativity. In some of my programs and my coworkers’ programs, the participants are sometimes hesitant to deviate from the examples. They worry that they won’t do it right, that their ideas are wrong. 20141206_101727

This program totally combats that. The crafts that the kids put out were fantastic. I wanted to share their creativity with you. Keeping in mind that none of the crafters are over 12. In fact, most are under 12. 20141206_101418Check out our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for even more!

If you’re looking for a program to steal from us, this is the ONE. We set up tables in the Children’s Department, the Adult Department, and on the Mezzanine upstairs. Tables were full. The library was packed with shoppers. There was holiday music playing. It was festive and great. And, not all the crafts were specifically Christmas, which was inclusive and wonderful. 20141206_101201


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