In which Miss Molly talks about selection.

It’s always difficult to know what is best in the world of technology and apps. There are so many choices, so many publishers, so many claims about each product that sorting through them can be a chore. With concerns about proper brain development, and conflicting views and information regarding screen time for children, how do […]

In which Miss Molly needs a bigger parachute.

I had the largest attendance I’ve ever had for storytime last wee! 30 participants!I thought it would be a good time to reflect. I honestly love storytime. I think this sentiment is evident in my previous posts regarding storytime, but just in case it isn’t…I really enjoy doing storytime! The challenging part of the storytime […]

In which Miss Molly paints with pendulums.

Well, it was Mangled Messes time again this week. I really do love doing this program with the kids. It is so much fun. This month, I had the Messers look at the math and science behind pendulums, basically a weight suspended from a fixed point that is allowed to swing freely. We talked about […]