In which Miss Molly needs help finding a pair.

Today’s post is, sadly, going to be a bit short–though maybe not as short as I initially supposed. I was supposed to write up about Pi day storytime last week…but it’s been a wonderfully busy time! The library world has been talking a lot about knowing when to say no to projects and collaborations and […]

In which Miss Molly muses on pi and magnetism.

Happy PI DAY! YAY! Who doesn’t love numbers? 3.14159265359 (etc) to be exact. Since it’s March (3) the 14th, 2015. So exciting. I have a fun storytime planned, but more of that next time. It’s all about math and patterning and pigs and cats. What? Those things don’t naturally go together? They do in Children’s […]

In which Miss Molly talks about quality.

I know I talk a lot about ebooks and book apps and tech in general. That’s because we should all be as informed as possible about today’s technological and educational and entertainment landscape. But how do you choose quality material? And I’m not only talking about book apps and tech related things–I’m talking about hard […]