In which Miss Molly needs help finding a pair.

Today’s post is, sadly, going to be a bit short–though maybe not as short as I initially supposed. I was supposed to write up about Pi day storytime last week…but it’s been a wonderfully busy time! The library world has been talking a lot about knowing when to say no to projects and collaborations and other interesting, “But it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” s. I’ve been focusing a lot on what we have happening at the library, tweaking my own upcoming programs, and proving coverage for coworkers.While these are all (mostly) good things, it’s crazy how busy things get. I’ve been having so much fun, what with Theo the llama coming to the library, Library Rex sharing pie with everyone on Pi Day and keeping the gold safe on St. Patrick’s day, Ms. Felice coming to do a family music program, and other wonderful silliness, my time seems to have grown wings! (And I love every second of it.)

I’m not sure it I’ve mentioned it previously, but since September I’ve been involved in the ALSC Mentoring Program. It’s been absolutely wonderful and if there are any new librarians looking to sharpen their skills, or any veteran librarians wishing to pass on their wisdom, check this program out.

One of my goals for this program was to make my library more involved in the Social Media conversation. I set up an Instagram, merged the Children’s Twitter account with the general account and have been tweeting, update our Facebook regularly, and add to our wonderful Pinterest board. It’s a group, collaborative effort, but I think it’s paying off. If you are on any of those wonderful platforms, why not give us a follow? And I’ll follow you. And we can both benefit from each other’s awesomeness. I would love to hear what you think I could do to improve, what kind of content you would like to see, that kind of thing.

Now, obviously, I am not the only one in the library who puts up content, but I do put up all the content (at the moment) for our Instagram page, most of the content for the Facebook and Pinterest pages, and Twitter is a library wide event–but most of the whimsical stuff is done by me. There’s so much to do, so much to read, so much to say. It’s hard to put limits on it. But, since I’m not hired to be a full-time (or part-time) Media Manager, I must resist. There are just so many cool conversations going on, it’s hard to say no.

Anyway, I wanted to update you a bit on what has been happening in my life, and share with you some of the great (in my opinion) library things that I’ve been working on. So, now onward with the storytime content!

I wanted to update you on the Pi-day themed storytime. I had chosen some great books that related to both math and pie (though not always together). And, no surprise to anyone, but Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons was the standout. Of course, right? Who doesn’t love Pete and his irrepressible, yet laid back, cheeriness.

I saved this book for the final story of the day because I knew, no matter how storytime went, it would at least end on a good note, and it did. The kids all sang the chorus of, “My buttons, my buttons, my [insert #] groovy buttons” every time. It mellowed them out after all our jumping and singing, and got them ready to head back home. While they enjoyed storytime, like always, I don’t think the way I presented it really grabbed their attention. I wanted them to be excited, to see how great and interesting math can be, but I think they just initially wrote it off as boooooring. Even though it wasn’t, and we had a great time, and the stories were fun, and the songs were exuberant.

Sometimes, when you get stuck in a though about how something is going to go, it kind of goes that way. I had a feeling that this storytime wasn’t going to be a greatest hit, and I was kind of right. Not that it didn’t go well, but that it wasn’t a theme that I’ll be jumping to do again. There were parts of it that were great–Pete, the help I need a pair flannel board song, yoga–but then other parts were a bit more dull.

I was hoping for all-around shiny. What makes my weekend storytimes difficult is that they are for all ages. So I get everything from 1 year olds to 9 year olds. Coordinating songs, stories, and games in a way that they aren’t too hard or too easy is challenging. I love it, but sometimes it doesn’t work with a particular theme…

Live and learn, I think.

I definitely wanted to share the flannel board with you, though. I had cut out about 13 pairs of socks. They were different colored materials and I painted on patterns on some of them. Very fun. At the start of the song, I brought out the flannel board and the kids each picked a sock from the very mismatched pile.

We all then sang this song, which I found on Hatch Early Learning:
Help I Need a Pair
(Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)
I’ve washed them in the washing machine.
They tumbled here and there.
But now I only have one (say the color/pattern) sock.
Help! (throw hands up) I need the pair.

So, the two children who have the matching socks came up and put them on the board. This was fun, but chaotic. Everyone wanted to go first, some kids didn’t like the way that other kids put the socks up, some kids kept stealing the already put up socks, that kind of thing.

Long story short: though it wasn’t perfect, we had fun. We counted up. We counted down. We danced. We laughed. And really, what more can you ask for?


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