In which Miss Molly is burdened with glorious purpose.

Yes, I am channeling my inner Loki for this one. Not so much mayhem, more the spirit of mischievousness. There are many a change on the wind in my library. Summer is fast approaching, and we have big plans. I am excited. We are really on top of the tech and Maker Movement, and some […]

In which Miss Molly misses Mangled Messes.

It was my last Mangled Mess for the 2014-15 year. I have a break now until after our Summer Reading programming. I both love and am sad about this. I like getting that break from the science, so I don’t get burned out; I can recuperate. I can stop and think. I can stop trying […]

In which Miss Molly muses on motivation.

There is a lot of tech in the world today. We’re surrounded by various types of media and screens and devices. In school, at home, at work–literally everywhere. I’ve talked a lot about quality, use, and the like, but I know devices aren’t going to be used strictly as tools of engagement, and that they […]