In which Miss Molly is Super excited.

hero army

It’s the time of year, friends and comic-enthusiasts. It’s Free Comic Book Day.

This is one of my favorite days of the library year. Not only because I am lucky enough to be a part of a host of heroes who help make the day incredibly real for the kids, but because of the awesome extensions that it can bring about. We’re showing that the library is a modern and fun place to be–no longer the dark and silent halls filled with dusty books, where anyone who speaks above a whisper is shushed into oblivion by an old, grouchy, cardigan-wearing, frowny librarian.

I love graphic novels and comic books. I think they have great stories, beautiful art, and really bring the reading experience to another dimension when done well. They are classic, and yet still considered rebellious. You might not think so, but then you haven’t had the conversation with a parent about why graphic novels are so awesome and such great tools for kids.I wrote my Master’s thesis on the educational merits of graphic novels, I better love them! Superhero ones and non-superhero ones.

With this event, the library comes alive. We are bright and colorful, costumed and creative. We have traditional books (still about heroes and adventures and fighting the forces of evil) but also comic books, for all ages. In those books, both image based and text based, you can find strong bonds and partnerships, working collaboratively for the greater good, good versus evil, true friendships, strong values, the ability to question stereotypes and the status quo.

We’re a safe place to play, explore, meet a hero or 12, and come together as a community–kids and teens and adults. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends…you name it!

While the event is set to take place in a matter of hours, I can’t tell you how it went. I can tell you that prep for it has been exciting and at times difficult, but totally worth it. I will let you know how it goes in subsequent post. And if you’re around Southington from 2 to 4….stop by and see us!


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