In which Miss Molly gets bug-ed.

Hello friends!

Storytime has been going wonderfully. I love my families and the kids, my classes are continuing to fill up (despite it being an abbreviated session), and I am loving the interaction. It is a tremendous amount of fun, and I’ve actually had some breakthroughs this week. The 10-24 month olds are starting to imitate me, in my movements and when I clap, when I smile, and they repeat what I say back to me and the class at large. It might not be that big of a deal to most people, but to me, it means that they are enjoying what I do and what I’m showing them, and that they want to continue it.

There is one little boy who comes to class with his father. On the first day, he was incredibly reserved and quiet. This week, he was singing and dancing and cheering and answering questions. It was wonderful to see. I know it’s only the second week, but even these small strides help me realize that I do know what I’m doing. That I am making reading fun and enjoyable for these kids.

Sometimes I need a little acknowledgement that what I’m doing is having a positive impact on at least one person. That what I’m doing isn’t missing the mark. That what I think is important and what I think children will learn from and enjoy isn’t completely off base. I think we all need some kind of acknowledgement about what we do to keep us motivated and excited.

In the class with the old kids, I actually got requests for Lil’ Red again! So, if you’re looking for an awesome book app to read with kids, that is definitely one to check out! They really enjoyed it. I didn’t repeat it, but we did another app that they loved called Noisy Bugs Sing Along.bugAs we read the book, we talked about whether the kids have seen the bugs on the pages. Some were yeses. Some were nos. Then we listened to the sounds each bug made. I asked if the kids had ever heard the sounds. In most cases, this question resulted in a resounding yes. It was a lot of fun. And, added bonus, it’s nonfiction! So we sneakily learned something. How about that!

At the end of the book, there is a game where you have to match the sounds to their respective bugs. We had a blast with this, though some of the sounds were a bit difficult to match. It was still a fun exercise.

We also did some rhythm stick activities. I am coming to really love rhythm sticks. I will share more about them as I do some more experimentation in all my classes. So far, I’ve used them with the 2-3 group and the 3 1/2 to 5 group. They went over well in each session, however, I didn’t have enough in my first session of 2-3s! I had so many kids! crazy! We did patterns, changed the way we connected the sticks (tap, hammer, rub, etc.), made letters with them (T, X, V), and tapped on the ground and in the air, loud and soft…so much fun.

And finally, speaking of acknowledgement, this article about the group I’m apart of popped up on the Hartford ComicCon website. It’s a bio about the group that I’m a part of, and it features pictures from the Free Comic Book Day at the library this year. It is yet another nod that I’m doing something that matters.

It’s also a Super Hero themed Summer Reading this year! Bonus. (Not for us, however, we’re doing some awesome tech…more on that later, too!)

This is where I leave you, friends. Have a wonderful weekend! Be awesome. Have fun.



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