In which Miss Molly realizes it is October.

And that she hasn’t posted for over 2 months…I cannot believe it. I don’t know what happened to August and September. Summer Reading ended and I was apparently sucked into a vortex of Fall Family Reading planning, comic conventions, and storytime.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining in the least. It has been a fabulous and amazing time. Storytime continues to be one of my favorite programs. I have wonderful families that attend, some of the CUTEST kids imaginable, and I get to bounce around like a lunatic for an hour a day. How can you not to love that?

I also started two evening storytimes during the week, since I know that not every family has the luxury of being able to stay home with their child, or hire a nanny/au pair. SO, Thursdays at 7. It is a continuation of the program that I ran over the summer, that did fairly well. My supervisor was initially hesitant, because they had tried something like this years ago and it didn’t work out. But, I pressed it and she let me try.

And it is going so well! I am averaging about 25 people a week. That is big for my town and for a drop-in storytime! SO, huzzah! Along those same lines, but a little different, I have started a Superhero storytime–where a special guest superhero, or villain, comes to storytime to read, sing, and play some games. That has been lovely too. I have wonderful friends that I press into service, but they actually enjoy it, so it is a win all around!

In addition, and I promise that this does relate to the library, I got to go to Supernatural Con in New Jersey this year. I love the show Supernatural. I find it smart, and amusing, and just all-around wonderful. I also love that the guys who star in the show are fantastic people, who actually do everything in their power to lift others up and make the lives of other people better through their actions, their charities, and initiatives.

While I was at the convention, I got to meet an author named Megan Padalecki, the sister of Jared Padalecki (one of the actors on the show….he plays Sam…). She was wonderful. She wrote an adorable book called Big Mo, and we got talking about things. big moShe self-published and really wants to spread her message to schools and libraries. Big Mo is about a pet lizard who keeps eating and eating and eating until he swallows the world and is all alone. Sounds terrifying, but she does it in a humorous way, with a little lesson at the end…I don’t want to spoil the book for you! But, I can tell you I will be reading it in storytime. For sure.

She is another one of those wonderful people that you meet along the way. And I always love meeting another library enthusiast. And that is my point….there are library lovers everywhere! Sam and Dean to TONS of research, and are in libraries in the show quite a bit, actually. So take THAT. Now all they need is a librarian on staff that they consult. I volunteer as tribute!

"No Rest For The Wicked" - (l-r) Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in SUPERNATURAL on the CW. Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov ©2008 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Anyway, it is just a short post today….trying to get back in the swing of things. Have a wonderful weekend!


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