In which Miss Molly takes over storytime.

Life has been crazy and wonderful and packed.

I went to Australia, bought a house, went to get my Yoga Teacher training, and have been doing about 6 programs a week at my library. It is awesome and great, it just doesn’t leave much free time for me to, you know, do all those extra fun things–like blogging.

This fall, I started up Superhero Storytimes at the library. Once a month, we have an extra special superhero (or super villain…or Disney prince/princess) come to the library and interact with the kids, one-on-one. It is wonderful and exciting and has been very popular. Who doesn’t love meeting their very favorite character, come to life?

The first hero I had come to storytime was Spider-man, and let me tell you…such a hit. spidey

I am lucky in that I am heavily invested in the cosplay community, and that I can ask my friends to come in character to this program. The kids really do benefit from it. I know that not every librarian has this luxury, which is why I wrote about throwing a Superhero Storytime for Comics, Cosplay and Geek Culture in Libraries. They put it up and here it is: Super Storytimes!

I hope you will go take a look at it. I talk about what I do, and give some examples about what you can do, too. Even if you cannot strong arm your friends and loved ones into spandex costumes.

I would also love to hear from you! Do you do a superhero storytime? Who have you had come? What worked? What did not work?

I am really enjoying being the link to all things nerdy at my library.

My coworker and I have been doing an almost weekly Maker Night, which I hope to talk about soon.

Anyway, all the best! And that is it for now!


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