In which Miss Molly gets bug-ed.

Hello friends! Storytime has been going wonderfully. I love my families and the kids, my classes are continuing to fill up (despite it being an abbreviated session), and I am loving the interaction. It is a tremendous amount of fun, and I’ve actually had some breakthroughs this week. The 10-24 month olds are starting to […]

In which Miss Molly is burdened with glorious purpose.

Yes, I am channeling my inner Loki for this one. Not so much mayhem, more the spirit of mischievousness. There are many a change on the wind in my library. Summer is fast approaching, and we have big plans. I am excited. We are really on top of the tech and Maker Movement, and some […]

In which Miss Molly talks about quality.

I know I talk a lot about ebooks and book apps and tech in general. That’s because we should all be as informed as possible about today’s technological and educational and entertainment landscape. But how do you choose quality material? And I’m not only talking about book apps and tech related things–I’m talking about hard […]