In which Miss Molly misses Mangled Messes.

It was my last Mangled Mess for the 2014-15 year. I have a break now until after our Summer Reading programming. I both love and am sad about this. I like getting that break from the science, so I don’t get burned out; I can recuperate. I can stop and think. I can stop trying […]

In which Miss Molly muses on pi and magnetism.

Happy PI DAY! YAY! Who doesn’t love numbers? 3.14159265359 (etc) to be exact. Since it’s March (3) the 14th, 2015. So exciting. I have a fun storytime planned, but more of that next time. It’s all about math and patterning and pigs and cats. What? Those things don’t naturally go together? They do in Children’s […]

In which Miss Molly practices her (magnetic) Force powers.

Guys…I am so excited for next week’s Mangled Messes. Crazy excited, you might say. Why? you ask. Well, because we’re talking about Ferrofluids. Which is exciting enough…but we’re also going to be making magnetic slime. I know…So awesome. SO, as a teaser post, I’m just going to leave this video here…. More instructions and an […]