In which Miss Molly muses on motivation.

There is a lot of tech in the world today. We’re surrounded by various types of media and screens and devices. In school, at home, at work–literally everywhere. I’ve talked a lot about quality, use, and the like, but I know devices aren’t going to be used strictly as tools of engagement, and that they […]

In which Miss Molly talks about quality.

I know I talk a lot about ebooks and book apps and tech in general. That’s because we should all be as informed as possible about today’s technological and educational and entertainment landscape. But how do you choose quality material? And I’m not only talking about book apps and tech related things–I’m talking about hard […]

In which Miss Molly talks about selection.

It’s always difficult to know what is best in the world of technology and apps. There are so many choices, so many publishers, so many claims about each product that sorting through them can be a chore. With concerns about proper brain development, and conflicting views and information regarding screen time for children, how do […]