In which Miss Molly talks about selection.

It’s always difficult to know what is best in the world of technology and apps. There are so many choices, so many publishers, so many claims about each product that sorting through them can be a chore. With concerns about proper brain development, and conflicting views and information regarding screen time for children, how do […]

In which Miss Molly gets questions.

With all the amazing technology that kids and adults are exposed to, it really is difficult to balance everything. Where do you start? What does a balanced tech-diet look like? We know that moderation is key. We know that not all apps are created equal. We know that reading together, be it print based or […]

In which Miss Molly gives her two cents, or 10 reasons why it’s not solely the tech’s fault.

I’m coming to you with a rather important update, one that is at the center of the library world at the moment: the prominence, importance, and use of digital devices in children’s lives. There has been an article floating around the internet, which has come from the Huffington Post website, titled “10 Reasons Why Handheld […]