In which Miss Molly takes over storytime.

Life has been crazy and wonderful and packed. I went to Australia, bought a house, went to get my Yoga Teacher training, and have been doing about 6 programs a week at my library. It is awesome and great, it just doesn’t leave much free time for me to, you know, do all those extra […]

In which Miss Molly finds the facts.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I went back to Camp Sloper to give another talk. This time it was on the facts behind fiction. I know you’re thinking, in your most sarcastic voice, how exciting. I’m sure the kids LOVED that. But, I assure it, it was awesome. And they really did enjoy […]

In which Miss Molly swallowed a fly.

We have some BIG PLANS happening at the Southington Public Library from now until November. We’re doing a huge program based around a children’s book, a community-wide read! That means, everyone who signs up for the program reads the same book, and we have themed programming that goes along with it. The book? There was […]