In which Miss Molly becomes a Moose, capital M.

Guys…where is the time going? So much has been happening this year, and it has been (mostly) wonderful. I will hopefully get back on the blogging bandwagon in the coming new year. In the meantime…I wrote an new article for Comics, Cosplay, and Geek Culture in Libraries! And it involves me as Moose. This time, […]

In which Miss Molly welcomes you…to Jurassic Park.

Hello friends! It is suddenly November. I have no idea where the time goes! It has been a whirlwind adventure this past month or so..full of storytime adventures, Australian adventures, and all around awesome. I must admit that this is more of an update post than a fully-fleshed out program post, like usual. As you […]

In which Miss Molly plays with gears.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope yours is full of love and fun. And you don’t have to have a significant other to have those things. I have a fun-filled storytime planned at the library today, and here’s hope it’s as awesome as I hope. I will fill you in on it next week, surely. […]