In which Miss Molly takes over storytime.

Life has been crazy and wonderful and packed. I went to Australia, bought a house, went to get my Yoga Teacher training, and have been doing about 6 programs a week at my library. It is awesome and great, it just doesn’t leave much free time for me to, you know, do all those extra […]

In which Miss Molly misses Mangled Messes.

It was my last Mangled Mess for the 2014-15 year. I have a break now until after our Summer Reading programming. I both love and am sad about this. I like getting that break from the science, so I don’t get burned out; I can recuperate. I can stop and think. I can stop trying […]

In which Miss Molly crosses into Switzerland on skis.

Shadow on the Mountain Margi Preus Summary: When the Nazi’s invade Norway during WWII, 14 year old Espen and his friends are swept up into the Resistance movement. Espen starts small by delivering illegal newspapers that combat the Nazi propaganda, and gradually becomes more and more involved by becoming a courier and finally a spy. […]