In which Miss Molly tames the plate and rumbling tummies.

Hello library lovers! Today’s post is a re-post from my food blog. I know those of you who follow me here probably aren’t following me on Whiskey and Wanderlust, so it’s all good. I did a program a few weekends ago on healthy snacks for parents and kids to make together. I wanted the snacks […]

In which Miss Molly brings apps to the table.

All the research coming out about tablets with young children and learning has been pointing at one (or two) glaringly clear idea–One: tablets are not a be all end all in terms of learning, just like strictly books are not the only way children learn. When used in combination with tactile learning experiences, physical play, […]

In which Miss Molly is surrounded by Decepticons

It’s really not as ominous as it sounds. I ran a reverse engineering program two Saturdays ago. I was beyond excited for this program and had really high hopes. I had partnered with our local transfer station to get a whole bunch of electronics that I could let the kids take apart. I loved taking […]