In which Miss Molly takes over storytime.

Life has been crazy and wonderful and packed. I went to Australia, bought a house, went to get my Yoga Teacher training, and have been doing about 6 programs a week at my library. It is awesome and great, it just doesn’t leave much free time for me to, you know, do all those extra […]

In which Miss Molly becomes a Moose, capital M.

Guys…where is the time going? So much has been happening this year, and it has been (mostly) wonderful. I will hopefully get back on the blogging bandwagon in the coming new year. In the meantime…I wrote an new article for Comics, Cosplay, and Geek Culture in Libraries! And it involves me as Moose. This time, […]

In which Miss Molly finishes out Summer Reading

Yes, you read right. We finished our Summer Reading program this past Thursday. It’s been crazy. It’s gone incredibly fast, yet has also been incredibly tiring–but in a good way. In the, “I worked really hard and accomplished something” way, and to me that’s a good feeling. But… I just want to lay out on […]