In which Miss Molly brings banned books to the table.

It was Banned Books Week this past week. At the Southington Public Library, we do a reading of banned books each year. And this year, they’ve finally included the children’s librarians, and I got to do a reading. We all know about adult books that have been banned, and young adult books, and Harry Potter. […]

In which Miss Molly finds the facts.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I went back to Camp Sloper to give another talk. This time it was on the facts behind fiction. I know you’re thinking, in your most sarcastic voice, how exciting. I’m sure the kids LOVED that. But, I assure it, it was awesome. And they really did enjoy […]

In which Miss Molly talks about media mentoring

Greetings library friends!  There has been a discussion going around the online librarian community about our role as Media Mentors. I love this title. I take being a “Media Mentor” as being a person who helps other people access, understand, and utilize the vast data that we are surrounded by. While this often time means […]